How Your Wedding Photographer Should Be More Than Just Your Wedding Photographer

January 2, 2022


As you start planning your wedding and looking for wedding vendors, you may wonder why some, particularly photographers, charge more than others. And whether certain photographers are worth the investment over others.

Although I can’t answer with a resounding yes to your question, I can tell you that when it comes to your wedding photographer, their value goes much deeper than their photography style or the images you’ll receive. 

Since 2013, I’ve been helping couples and families document some of the most important moments and milestones in their lives. But providing tangible memories isn’t all that I do. 

I’m not just the lady that shows up with her camera on your wedding day. Nope. I’m here to help you in so many other ways. So, think of me as not only your photographer, but as a friendly guide throughout the wedding planning process.

Here is how I create an enjoyable experience for you by going beyond the professional label.



You want your photos to reflect your personality and your style. And the key to making that happen is by making sure I get to know you, your partner, and the vision you share. Because if I show up on wedding day without a clue as to who you are as a couple, your love story, or the big “why” of your wedding, I won’t be able to get the emotional, natural photos you’re looking for. 

I might as well be photographing mannequins at that point.  

When you reach out, we’ll talk about your vision and the events of the day. And I’ll answer any questions you may have. But that doesn’t mean we stop communicating after our initial call.

Even after you sign my retainer, you’ll notice that I check in often. You may even receive a little gift from me from time to time. And if you ever feel the need to talk through a crazy idea for an engagement session or an insecurity you’re facing about being in front of the camera, feel free to call, email, or text me. I can handle crazy. And I’m here to help. Besides, we’ll schedule an engagement session so we can continue hanging out, get to know one another, and take some gorgeous photos along the way.


Timeline Creation

Wedding planning is often full of unknowns and overwhelm. So the more resources and support you have during the process, the easier it becomes. 

One of your best support systems will be your wedding timeline.

I’ve always had a knack for being highly efficient, taking diligent notes, and making detailed lists – including timelines. I want you to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day, knowing that you have a solid timeline in place. One that I will help you and/or your planner create. 

To help you create your timeline, I’ll send you a questionnaire about a month before your wedding that asks questions like:

    • who your vendors are
    • who designed your wedding (i.e., your designer, florist, etc.)
    • how many people are in your immediate family
    • if you want a first look
    • how many people are getting hair & makeup done

I’ll also take notes everytime we talk (such as where you’re getting married, how many people are included in your wedding party, your parents first names, etc.) and pull information from your planner’s schedule. 

From there, I’ll build a photography timeline that ensures we’ll creatively capture the important events and details of your day. While also allowing for surprises or delays. 

I’ll send you a copy of the timeline, and we will go over it multiple times to make sure it’s perfect. If you have suggestions or questions, just let me know, and we’ll make adjustments.

Once the timeline is final, I’ll send it to your planner or venue coordinator, as well as the rest of the wedding vendors, so everyone is on the same page.


Comfort & Connection

Comfort, connection, and trust. These are three of the most important elements you must feel when working with a wedding photographer. (Or any vendor, for that matter!) Without them, it will feel like a stranger is walking around with a camera on your wedding day. 

This can lead to awkward moments. And a feeling of regret and disappointment when you look back on your photos. Ouch!

I know from experience that connection is the key to beautiful and authentic-looking photos. And to ensure we connect, I work hard to get to know you and to create a relaxing environment. I want you to enjoy every moment we spend together, so you’ll often hear me cracking jokes to help you loosen up and feel comfortable.

I also intentionally take on a limited number of weddings per year. You may hear other photographers say this, but when I say limited, I mean that I don’t accept more than three weddings per month. Quality of life is important to me, and only taking on a few weddings each year gives me time to take care of myself and my family. 

Ultimately, this leads to quality work because it frees up my schedule to invest ample time in getting to know you. And it ensures that when I arrive on wedding day, I’m refreshed and present instead of burnt out and tired. 


Vendor Recommendations

When your wedding day arrives, you want to make sure you have a team that “makes” instead of “breaks” your vision. To ensure that happens, I’ll put together a custom list of professional and creative vendors for you to consider based on your vision.

Having personally worked with each vendor I recommend, you can trust that they will have your back. And help make your wedding dreams a reality.


Creating Memories 

As a wedding photographer, I take great joy in giving you tangible memories. Especially since your photos are one of the few tangibles you’ll have left after your wedding is done and dusted. But I also thoroughly enjoy helping you create those memories by providing you with a stellar (stress-free) experience.

To learn more about that experience, click here


Remember, no matter how much you spend on food, flowers, or decorations, the only things that last are the memories you make. And those are worth investing in. 

If you would like me to capture those moments, let’s chat!